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Workplaces need to be a nucleus of productivity, cooperation, and inclusiveness. When a workplace culture has become toxic from the unpleasant behaviors of its employees, these three workplace aspects will decline dramatically. If you’ve noticed that your workplace culture is becoming toxic, here is an effective guide on how to replace that culture with a healthier one.

  1. Identify Problem Behaviors

The first step to changing the toxic culture in a workplace is figuring out which behaviors are contributing to the toxic atmosphere. As a member of upper management, you may not spend a lot of time in the same work areas as your employees; this causes you to miss out on spotting potentially toxic behaviors that could be poisoning the working environment on a daily basis.

The best way to identify these behaviors is to consult with your employees. This can occur as either an employee meeting where you invite your employees to voice their issues using anonymous information or it can be done privately with one-on-one talks.

  1. Clearly Define The Changes

Once toxic behaviors have been identified, it’s time to begin implementing sweeping changes to the culture in the workplace. It’s not going to be enough to say “stop doing this” or “start doing this.” The changes you need to make should be detailed in their description so that people will understand what exactly they need to stop doing and how to successfully begin the positive changes.

  1. Be Swift In Action

The longer that toxic behaviors are left to disintegrate a workplace culture, the more difficult it will be to change them. When new employees are hired and enter the workplace, the current employees will immediately begin to teach the new employees these toxic habits to continue the cycle. It is best to nip toxic workplace behaviors in the bud immediately before the ideas and habits can saturate the workplace entirely.

  1. Demonstrate A “No Tolerance” Policy

Some employees may be hesitant about embracing the new changes. Regardless of how valuable they are to the company, you must not be afraid to make an example out of them. If there are employees openly defying the changes, terminate their employment immediately. This will show the other employees that the company is serious about improving workplace culture and that the toxic behavior will no longer be tolerated.